Outdoor Living

Make this summer an outdoor summer. Having a well thought out landscape design can encourage you and your families ability to use your property more efficiently.

Outdoor Warmth

Outdoor fireplaces & fire pits are a great way to celebrate the family and friends around you. Get your loved ones together this summer for a fireside chat!

Outdoor Lighting

Aesthetically pleasing, while heightening the safety and security of your home. Do you want to see what your home could look like at night? We can do that.

Remember Spring?

Our design staff is ready to help make the 2014 Spring one of your best with a new landscape or hardscape design that will enhance your outdoor living enjoyment, and curb appeal.

Outdoor Kitchens & Bars

Prairie Path Group has landscape architects on staff; ready, willing, and able to design your dream outdoor environment.


LiveWall® is a company that manufactures a system to be cladded onto the facade of a building. This beautiful system is easy to install and rewarding to maintain.

Terra Vesco

You have found yourself here today because you are considering a landscape design at your residence. When pursuing a landscape design from Prairie Path Group be sure to inquire on the high-quallity soil amendments made by Terra Vesco®
Greater plant growth, including more bountiful flowers, larger leaves and stronger roots.

Protection against plant diseases and garden pests.

Improved water and air availability in the soil.

Less time and cost needed to maintain the soil and plantings.

3D Renderings

Prairie Path Group keeps up-to-date with emerging technologies in 3D renderings so that we are able to offer you our designs with the most photorealism possible. Check out our 3D portfolio, but remember, it’s only magic until it’s your home.

Landscape Zone

Do you know your landscape zone? We do. We will advise the correct landscape for your area based on a professional analysis of shade, sunlight, soil type, moisture, etc. We plan accordingly to offer great landscape contrast and plant/flower pairings.

25 Years in Business

The Prairie Path Group is a family-owned business that has been a staple of the western suburbs since 1989. We are proud to have helped our neighbors create their dream outdoor space for the last 25 years!
Dave, Marty and Sue, I am writing to tell you all how happy I am with the work you’ve done at my home. I know this was a lengthy and complicated job that pushed you guys in many directions. Through it all, you were patient, accommodating and fair. Despite the crazy weather and our numerous plan changes, you guys were always willing to work hard and meet my wishes. Thinking back over the last year and the multitude of elements to the plan and contractors involved – you three and all your incredible crews – did an absolutely amazing job. I have had so, so many compliments on how beautiful everything is and how the design fits so well with what was here prior. So, a huge thank you to you all. I love my yard. I love my gardens. I love my B.A.R.! (Marty will understand that one) I love, love, love the stone wall! I will continue to recommend your company. And I will always enjoy the beauty you’ve created at my home. Thank you so very much!

Hinsdale, IL Gail

Thanks for the great service and the fine work done by your men. We are very pleased and won’t hesitate to call, as well as, refer you.

La Grange, IL Bernie

Thank you so much for the beautiful workmanship your employees did at our home. How wonderful it is to have a caring and talented company in our community. Continued success to all of you.

LaGrange, IL Elaine & Frank

Thank you for the lovely landscape design and all the work you did at our house. The house looked beautiful at my daughter’s first communion. We received so many compliments; I gave all the credit to you and your staff. I can’t believe that you made it all happen by the 14th. Everyone from Prairie Path Group has been so kind and professional. Customer service is still alive and well at Prairie Path Group.

Western Springs, IL Mary & Mike

Prairie Path Group is the best landscaping group that we have used in our 25 years as Hinsdale homeowners. Every member of the team is an expert in their field and provides extraordinary customer service. We know that we will get long term value out of our plantings because they do a beautiful job of combining science, botany, and beauty.

Hinsdale, IL Theresa

3D Renderings

“We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better… stronger… faster.”

-The Six Million Dollar Man

We do have the technology. Experience your landscape design in 3D before we even break ground. Prairie Path Group is continuously investing in its design staffs knowledge of emerging technologies, advanced software, and best practices that allow us to best serve your residential outdoor experience.

Prairie Path Group
Reformed. Refined. Reenergized.

Prairie Path Group is comprised of generations of family businesses. All the history, tradition, and talent; one Company. One group of very bright, kind, and tenacious people that are active in your design community.

Prairie Path Group specializes in custom developed paver and landscape design, and maintenance to protect your outdoor investment. We can provide you with a total outdoor experience, all with a family touch.

Prairie Path Pavers, Inc.
Prairie Path Pavers has been crafting luxurious outdoor living areas, fantastic first impression entrances and functional driveways for over twenty years. Offering every type of outdoor hardscape and retaining wall, Prairie Path Pavers has worked with both engineers and villages to produce an outdoor environment that will complement your home and last a lifetime.

The experts at Prairie Path ensure that the right material is being utilized on your project because of the enormous amount of experience they have working with different material choices, from time tested stone to cutting edge manmade materials. Our full time field personnel are involved in every step of the hardscape installation, which means we are not just manufacturer certified, but time tested to produce a quality installation at a fair price.

Prairie Path Pavers can deliver that “take your breath away” hardscape project to blend your family’s needs and wants for your outdoor environment with our family’s outstanding attention to detail and a terrific end result.

Lorelei Group, Ltd.
Lorelei Group is a seasoned landscape company with 24 years of professional experience in all areas of the outdoor environment. Lorelei’s value is in our timeless designs and our quality implementation of your dream landscape. Our services begin with your first meeting and continue beyond your installation.
PaverCare, Inc.
PaverCare, Inc. has been a leader in the maintenance and brick paver care industry, offering you services and solutions to protect your hardscape investment. Regular care of your pavers not only preserves that pristine appearance but insures the safety of you and your guests and extends the life of your hardscape product.

Let us put our knowledge of paving material together with our expertise of restoration products and procedures for the correct solution to your hardscape needs. Our family touch will help protect and extend your family’s hardscape investment to insure a lifetime of enjoyment and pride in your home.

Start Designing Today

Call now to schedule your own personal one-on-one design consultation with a member of our award-winning design team. Ask for the option to see your outdoor space as a 3D rendering or a full-length video walkthrough!